Motor Control Centre Panels (MCC Panels)

Motor Control Centre Panels (MCC Panels)

MCC (Motor Control Center) Panels play a crucial role in a variety of industrial applications, serving as the primary means of distributing low voltage power. These panels are specially designed to protect motors and submersible pumps from the risks of overloads and short circuits, making them a reliable and efficient choice for controlling power supply. With their high performance, low maintenance requirements, and ability to operate effectively in extreme temperatures, MCC Panels are a cost-effective solution for industrial power management.

Our MCC Panels are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, and are equipped with ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)/MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker)/SFU (Surge Protective Device)/MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), DOL (Direct On Line), Star Delta Starters, or ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) options for both manual and automatic control of the motor. Additionally, these panels can be operated locally, remotely, or through a DCS (Distributed Control System) for maximum flexibility and convenience.

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